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Slidekamera slider HSK-5 1000 STANDARD

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  • 9SKHSK-5-1000-STANDARD
Slidekamera HSK-5 slider is a professional equipment perfect for smooth shots during the camera... mehr
Produktinformationen "Slidekamera slider HSK-5 1000 STANDARD"
Slidekamera HSK-5 slider is a professional equipment perfect for smooth shots during the camera movement.
Suitable for light cameras and photo cameras of a total weight up to 20kg.
Available lengths: 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm.

Number of mounting holes guarantee universality of our device and provide the user with great configuration possibilities.

Specially designed cart that moves along the rail carries the camera and leads it towards the object that is being filmed.

The cart was designed basing on high quality components, what guarantees excellent smoothness and stability of motion. It is also equipped with a level and a standstill brake. There is a possibility to remove the standstill brake and mount other accessories instead, for example electric drive.

Three bearinged rollers move along a specially designed aluminium rail.

The 3/8" hole built-in in the cart plate allows to mount devices with either 1/4" or 3/8" thread on the cart with the use of a proper reduction.

Additionally, the cart is equipped with four M4 threaded holes (Manfrotto adapter spacing and Slidekamera adapter AKC-3 Quick Release System spacing) for mounting accessories in various combinations.

Depending on the model the rail is equipped with two or three AF-8 mounting ports with 1/4"- 3/8" threaded holes that allow to mount the device on a tripod or a head.

NOTE: In case of mounting HSK series slider (with HKN-2 stepper drive attached) on a tripod it is necessary to replace AF-8 SH mounting port with AF-8 LG port that ensures higher mounting. In case of traditional AF-8 SH mounting ports, the drive can hit the tripod crown causing damage to the equipment.

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