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Slidekamera ROAD JIB PRO Portable Compact Camera Crane

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Slidekamera ROAD JOB PRO portable and compact camera crane 10kg, used for cameras and photo... mehr
Produktinformationen "Slidekamera ROAD JIB PRO Portable Compact Camera Crane"
Slidekamera ROAD JOB PRO portable and compact camera crane 10kg, used for cameras and photo cameras of a total weight up to 15kg.

Aluminium construction allows to extend arms of the crane in no time, this giving you a possibility to spend more time on shooting instead of on setting-up the equipment. Its compact size makes it a perfect solution when shooting in most extreme places. Slide Kamera ROAD JIB outperforms other camera cranes in terms of stability, rigidity and comfort of use.

Telescopic construction of the crane allows to adjust length of the arm within the range of 1100mm to 1800mm.

Four arms slide clamping knobs allow to lock the crane in a desired position. Slidekamera HGO-3 rotational head that comes in the set allows for smooth rotational movement of the crane. Total vertical movement with working arm maximally spread: 2700mm.


Slidekamera ROAD JIB PRO crane consists of the camera crane, counterweight (counterweight neck, weights and safety nuts), and Slidekamera HGO-3 fluid rotational head. Arm of the crane is made of resistant building profiles that ensure high rigidity and durability of the device. Profiles have also anticorrosive protection against weather conditions. Additionally, the crane is equipped with various knobs and levers that allow you to lock the arm in any desirable position. All moving parts of the crane are bearinged, what ensures extreme smoothness of motion

1/4" and 3/8" steel holes (on both sides) for mounting additional accessories.
Includes a rotating head Slidekamera HGO-3 rotational fluid head

HGO-3 rotational fluid head is used for smooth regulation of the rotation as well as smooth change of the rotation resistance of camera crane. Our head is equipped with a knob that regulates the rotation of the mounting plate. Double bearing provides high load capacity, rigidity and precision of rotation. In addition, grease inside the head increases resistance during rotation and eliminates internal clearances.

2-Axis Head can be mounted to end  of plate of the crane on which is socket 75 mm / 100 mm.

Plate of the crane is folded and locked by two side bolts which can be pulled to release the plate. Two knobs and specially designed mount allow to lock the plate in the usage position. On the body of the plate there are steel 1/4" slots which can be used to mount accessories.


Number of steel mounting holes  1/4 "and 3/8" allowing to attach additional accessories provide great universality of our device. There is a possibility to mount remote controlled head, Slidekamera X-HEAD or HGN-4 2D on crane mounting plate, that allows to control the movements of the camera both vertically and horizontally.

Set includes

-camera crane
-counterweight (counterweight neck, weights 1x10kg, 1x5kg, 1x2,5kg, 1x1,25kgand safety nuts
-Slidekamera HGO-3 fluid rotational head

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