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ARRI 650 Plus P.O. blue/silver, used, L3.79400.K ARRI 650 Plus P.O. blue/silver, used, L3.79400.K
Professional Fresnel spotlight, with barn door and filter frame, pole operated, for 650W bulbs with GY 9,5 base, 112mm Fresnel lens, mount: 28mm spigot, dimensions: 189mm (L) x 181mm (W) x 215mm (H), weight: 2,0 kg, with safety plug 2m...
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Dedolight DLHM4-300E, used Dedolight DLHM4-300E, used
24V/150W- headlight , aspherical double-lens technology, 48° - 4,5° Zoom + 1:25 focus, integrated electronic transformer with dimmer.
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€267.00 *
Swit 2120DS, used Swit 2120DS, used
70W DIP-LED Daylight Panel Light, 1024pcs of ultra bright LEDs, 50,000hrs long lifetime, 70W, Max 5100Lux @ 1m distance, 60° beam angle , 10%-100% flick-free dimming, 5600K daylight output, 3200K output with filter, LCD touch screen,...
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€299.00 *
Swit S-2051 Tasche, used Swit S-2051 Tasche, used
Fits also for other "On-Camera Lights"
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€10.00 *
Hensel Reflektortasche Soft, used Hensel Reflektortasche Soft, used
Diameter approx. 56 cm
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€25.00 *
Peli Micro Case 1040 schwarz/transparent, used Peli Micro Case 1040 schwarz/transparent, used
Shell Case made of high impact Co-Polymer, waterproof, unbreakable, dustproof. Color: Black/Transparent Weight: 0,350 kg Dimensions Outside: 19,0 x 12,8 x 5,4 cm Dimensions Inside: 16,6 x 10,0 x 4,4 cm
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€19.50 *
Swit S-2440C, used Swit S-2440C, used
50W Bi-color SMD Studio Panel LED light, 576pcs ultra bright long-life LEDs, Surface mounted LED technology, 70° wide beam angle with diffuser, 3200K-5600K continuously adjustable, 50W power, 1250Lux @ 1meter, 10%-100% flick-free...
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€539.00 *
Swit S-2110CS, used Swit S-2110CS, used
40W DIP-LED Bi-Color Panel LED Light, 576pcs of ultra bright LEDs, 3200K-5600K continuously adjustable, 50,000hrs long lifetime, Only 5600K, Max 1600Lux @ 1m distance, Only 3200K, Max 1500Lux @ 1m distance, 60° beam angle, 10%-100%...
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MBF-Case 1, gebraucht MBF-Case 1, gebraucht
Innenmaße: 47 x 44 x 11 cm (LxBxH)
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Osram amongst others 6V, 12V und 24V Bulbs, used Osram amongst others 6V, 12V und 24V Bulbs, used
6V, 12V and 24V Bulbs differential Power and various Producers in Conglomeration
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€70.00 *
SWIT S-2070+S-8040 KIT, used SWIT S-2070+S-8040 KIT, used
COB LED On-camera Light with Battery Chip on board COB LED technology, 13W, 800Lux @ 1 meter, dimmerable, 70W equivalent output, Single shadow, glareless, 60° wide beam angle, equally spread, Cool touch, 5000K color temperature, 5600K...
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€89.00 *
Osram 64427S, 12V, 20W, Paket, Gebraucht Osram 64427S, 12V, 20W, Paket, Gebraucht
42 St. Leuchtmittel, 12V, 20W, Osram-Nr. 64427S
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€20.00 *
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