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Roscotex BUTTERFLY CHROMA KEY BLUE 1,12X1,12M. (4'X4'), 576PCHRA01

Roscotex 4'x4' 1,12m x 1,12m Chroma Blue - 0
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Rosco butterfly panels are available to fit the standard butterfly and overhead frames used in... more
Product information "Roscotex BUTTERFLY CHROMA KEY BLUE 1,12X1,12M. (4'X4'), 576PCHRA01"

Rosco butterfly panels are available to fit the standard butterfly and overhead frames used in motion picture and television production.

Butterflies are produced in all materials necessary to control light effects such as diffusion, reflection, light intensity and colour temperature. Fabrics, like molton black, grey and white, and textiles for digital compositing, like Chroma and Digistretch are also available.
Any custom size and finishing can also be made available.

All materials are supplied edge-finished with ties and grommets. Filter grip panels are sewn on to a fabric edge tape, which gives strength and flexibility, up to any size and in different colours to facilitate identification of some of the materials used in butterfly production: Green for all Single Net (black and white), Red for all Double Net (black and white) and Yellow for Silk (natural and artificial). The rest of the filter grip panels have the most appropriate colours to go unnoticed. All butterfly panels are delivered in water resistant bags.

Sewing Room
Red Filter Grip Panel Green Filter Grip Panel
Black Grip Panel
Tightening Elastic Band with Yellow Grip Panel Silver Reflector
Ties. Cinebounce Butterfly
Bungee Cords and Grommets Water Resistant Bag
Packaged Butterfly

Bluebox, Bluescreen, Greenscreen, Chromakey - Verfahren
Beim "Keyen" werden Aufnahmen vor einem unifarbenen, blauen, in neuerer Zeit auch grünen Hintergrund gemacht. Blau eignet sich besonders gut für Personenaufnahmen, da blau in menschlichen Hauttönen nicht vorkommt. Alle blauen Flächen werden elektronisch "ausgestanzt" und durch ein anderes Bild ersetzt. Dazu wird meist die Farbe Blau als transparent festgelegt, alle anderen Farben bleiben deckend. Die blauen Flächen werden also von der computergenerierten Kulisse überdeckt. Blaue Kleidung ist daher auch nicht geeignet. Wenn Blau unverzichtbar ist kann unser grüner Hintergrund weiterhelfen.

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