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RHINO Ultimate Slider Bundle RHINO Ultimate Slider Bundle
The Ultimate Slider Bundle equips you with a complete 4-axis slider setup that can capture anything from a dynamic interview with a 15lb cinema camera to a vertical day to night time-lapse with a mirrorless setup. Our goal with this...
€3,278.60 *
RHINO Motion RHINO Motion
€627.00 *
RHINO Slider EVO Carbon 24" RHINO Slider EVO Carbon 24"
Rhino Slider EVO is the most versatile slider in the world. Motorize with Rhino Motion and Rhino Arc to create stunning time-lapses and interviews. Get insanely smooth motion with Rhino Flywheel when simplicity and your budget trumps...
€449.12 *
RHINO Slider EVO Pro 24" RHINO Slider EVO Pro 24"
€449.12 *
RHINO Flywheel RHINO Flywheel
The Rhino Flywheel is a new accessory that creates an even better experience and smoothness you've never felt before on a slider. Using the integrated belt drive of EVO sliders, the Flywheel adds inertia to your carriage which smooths...
€89.82 *
RHINO 24" Case RHINO 24" Case
€89.82 *
RHINO 42" Case RHINO 42" Case
When filming on the go your workflow is everything. The Rhino Slider EVO carrying case allows you to protect and transport your slider completely assembled even with Rhino Motion and Rhino Arc attached. A soft interior liner keeps your...
€134.74 *
RHINO Basic Slider Bundle RHINO Basic Slider Bundle
Includes 24" EVO Carbon slider, Flywheel, and a 24" carrying case. The Basic Slider Bundle is perfect for capturing smooth manual slides. The flywheel attaches with a single tool-less fastener and smooths out any inconsistencies in your...
€574.88 *
RHINO Essentials Slider Bundle RHINO Essentials Slider Bundle
This bundle has everything you need to motorized your slider and start getting incredible 3-axis movement. Make sure to add Rhino Focus to your bundle to keyframe your focus for even more dynamic shots.
€2,110.88 *