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SWIT S-4904PSS, Wireless transmision system

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  • 9SWS-4904PSS
SDI/HDMI 1000m Wireless System, WHDI (MIMO/OFDM) technology, 5.1-5.9GHz license-free... mehr
Produktinformationen "SWIT S-4904PSS, Wireless transmision system"

SDI/HDMI 1000m Wireless System,
WHDI (MIMO/OFDM) technology,
5.1-5.9GHz license-free frequency,
Uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI,
1000meters (Line-of-Sight) distance,
Less than 1 millisecond latency,
Less than 63mW radio power,
14dBi Panel Antenna build-in Receiver,
2-ch SDI/HDMI embedded audio transmission,
Support 3-4 pairs working in one location,
Multicast - 1 transmitter to multi receivers,
Transmitter V / Gold Mount camera install,
All-metal housing, durable,
Pure hardware connection; Plug and Play

S-4904PSS package includes:
1x Transmitter (V-mount)
3x Antennas (For transmitter, 2+1 backup)
1x Articulating arm trestle (Cold shoe and 1/4”)
1x D-tap DC cable (For transmitter)
1x Band switching driver (For transmitter)
1x Panel Receiver
1x VESA bracket for lighting tripod (For Receiver)
1x D-tap to 4-pin LEMO DC cable (For Receiver)
1x Battery plate with clamp (V-mount
1x Carrying case (for everything)

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