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SWIT D-3004A, 4ch Charger, Goldmount

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Mount : AB Goldmount Type : 4-ch Simultaneous Li-Ion / Ni-Mh Input : 100-240V / 50/60Hz... mehr
Produktinformationen "SWIT D-3004A, 4ch Charger, Goldmount"

Mount : AB Goldmount
Type : 4-ch Simultaneous Li-Ion / Ni-Mh
Input: 100-240V / 50/60Hz
Dimensions : 285x144x173mm
Weight : 3,5kg
Power Supply :  No

Specials :
With Max 200W power, the D-3004A can charge 4pcs Gold mount camera batteries simultaneously.
The charging output is DC15-20V, 2A each channel.

The D-3004A has LED charging indicators on the front panel,
ans displays the real time capacity percentage of each channel when charging.

When the batteries will not be used for a period of time,
it is recommended that keep half capacity in the batteries before storage,
to ensure a good condition of the cells and prolong the battery life.
So the first channel (CH-1) of D-3004A can discharge the battery.
Mount the battery on CH-1, and press “OPTIMIZE” button on the front panel,
and the battery will start to discharge at average 1A current.

Li-ion charging follows a two-period approach.
The first period is constant-current.
The battery is charged at the maximum charging rate.
When the battery reaches a specified set-point voltage,
charging circuits switch to the second period: the constant-voltage period.
The charging circuit will provide only enough current to maintain the voltage,
to prevent the battery from over charging.

SWIT charger can identify different chemical types of batteries,
and provide the correct charging program, to protect the batteries from over current,
over charging, high temperature, etc.

Guarantee : 2 years
Taric : 8504405590
Country of Origin : China

Broadcast Charger: 4-channel, Anton Bauer, simultan
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